Social Trends in Software Marketing

Recently I’m diving in the <Principles of Marketing> wrote by Grewal and Levy, PhD, which is so-called marketing bible in recent years. When we analyze the target marketing, we should take social environment into account. That brings us to social trends in daily life. Different cases have different situation. Here I would like to take software marketing as an example.

Rather than going to the point directly, let me show you the social trends first.

social trends

social trends

1. —Price Sensitivity – Self-evidently it means customers is opt to have high alert to the price fluctuation after the Subprime Crisis since 2008. Increasing people are looking for effective ways to buy more and better at less money. That’s the reason you will find more moms at home starting to make extra money by blogging and posting to relieve some burden from families.

2. —Health and Wellness Concerns – It’s no doubt that health and wellness concerns become priority in working and daily life. If there is any working environment with toxic elements, that company will be the big Headline in next day’s news.

3. —Greener Consumers – Take Nike’s Air Jordan for instance, Air Jordan is built by environmental-friendly glue instead of industry glue used before to plant the “Healthy and Green” concept in customers’ head.

4. —Privacy Concerns – It’s traditional and will be continuous

5. —A Time-Poor Society – Baby boomer generation is our main marketing, therefore we should keep eyes on their demands. Along with the retirement of Baby Boomer, young couples burden more both from elders and kids. Couples need to work, which cuts down time to daily leisure like watching TV. Therefore, more marketing ads will be ignored if you don’t catch their eyes and ears with one shot.

For software marketing, especially for customer software in PC ends, companies need to find more marketing tactics to deal with the turnover rate from PC to Mobile. Take social trends into account, software marketing should follow up in several aspects.

Write a Review and Get Free License

Write a Review and Get Free License

First of all, launch more promoting activities insite and offsite. Promoting activities will be held insite commonly, but few of them realize the important to giveaway, guest posting, product reviewing offsite except for coupon codes and deals. Wondershare is one of my contributor sites. They generally hold giveaway in all major festival with 30%-50% discounts from time to time. And one long-term licensing giveaway program -Write a review and get a lifetime full version license here. Anytime you get there, you can get your wish come true after reviewed it in your blog.

Not only healthiness and green, but also people concern charity, which should be the mental healthiness and green. That’s the reason why so many software companies will donate capitals and apps to schools around the country just for the posts in international news. Yes, it also calls Public Relationship. Though there is purpose behind, people still have better impression about those like to “pretend”.

Privacy concerns can result in more problems if you ignore it when you develop some innovative software like PDF Editor from Wondershare. There would be encrypt key for creators/editors and password for editing permission. Most of software can be used in more than 1 PC ends, that’s part of them.

Less time at home and leisure drives marketing teams crazy to some extent. More creative ideas are longing, but to the end, innovative product is the key. I’m an Apple fan and I never saw any Apple ads in TV or YouTube (maybe just because I spend more time on books). But I still know iPhone 4 is an excellent cell phone. I grabbed one last year. I think Apple didn’t spend much money to propaganda its products but the Brand publicizes itself after a long-term innovation.

All in all, software marketing is not a piece of cake. Different business lines have different background. Next time, I may move my attention to mobile software.


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