DVDFab VS Wondershare DVD Creator

When you want to be able to create your own discs or copy discs to transfer the movie to your own device, you have a few choices.  We’re going to look at two programs today – DVDFab and Wondershare DVD Creator.  Neither program is free, so hopefully you’ll be able to learn a bit about the programs before making your investment.

So what are the two programs all about?  DVDFab is a Blu-Ray and DVD copying program that can work around the Cinavia encryption, too. Once you have ripped the video to your computer, you are free to edit it to make it fit onto a portable device more easily, or you can make a complete backup copy of your favorite movie, including all of the menus and special features.  The output versions are close to the original. 

 Wondershare can convert a DVD to other formats like .mp4, WMV, or FLV for playback on your computer or a portable device.  It also works on OS X Mountain Lion, which DVDFab may or may not.  If you just want to copy a disc, you can do that quite simply.  It also features a creation program so you can turn your own files into DVDs, something that DVDFab can’t do.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of both programs and how they work.

1. Getting started


At startup, the welcome screen comes up for DVDFab.  You can choose to not have this happen by checking the “Do not show again” box. You’ll then be taken to the working platform.


To start Wondershare, you can load the program and choose from one of three options – Convert, Burn, or Download.  Convert allows you to convert DVD files and other video files to any other format you wish.  It’s the option we’ll be using most when comparing the two programs.

 2. Loading


Once you have started the software, in DVDFab you will then load your DVD movie by clicking on the drive.


For Wondershare, you can import your files either from the File menu and click Load DVD Files.  If the DVD is already loaded, click the DVD icon in the drive and drag it into the program.  You can do this with other files, too, by clicking and dragging them into the program.

3. Copying


You can choose on DVDFab whether to copy the full disc as a backup copy, or you can just copy the movie.  There is a compression option to be able to fit your movie onto the blank disc, too. If you just want to copy the disc, select DVD Copy on the left hand column, and then pick Full Disc.  If you have a file on your computer you want to burn to disc, you’ll be able to navigate to it from the folder button or the ISO button.  Tell DVDFab what region you want to use, and then click ok. 

If you are wanting to rip the disc, insert the disc and let the program do some analysis on the disc.  When it’s ready, the menu will have a “Start” option at the bottom right corner. 

You will need to tell it the output path.  Click on the folder to tell DVDFab where the files should go when you are done, whether to a file on your computer or to your DVD drive.  Select either DVD5 or DVD9. (DVD9 will not have any compression.)  Then click Start.


Copying with Wondershare starts with the click and drag sequence to load the disc, then you can format it before finalizing.  We’ll look at formatting next.

4. Formatting

To do any formatting with DVDFab, you’ll need to have the DVD Creator program.  It allows you to stitch your own videos or photos together into your own DVD so you can capture all the fun of those momentous occasions and watch them over and over again. DVDFab also supports output to a number of sources, and it can burn in a variety of formats, including DVD5 and DVD9.


With Wondershare, you can see the files you are working on.  There are options on the right of each file listing that lets you choose your output format. You can choose from among dozens of file formats, too, or select a device to allow it to guide you to the right output.  At the bottom of the screen you’ll pull this up, and you can see small images for each device, along with its name.   If you have several short videos you’ve taken and you want to merge them into one file, there is a button at the bottom of the screen you can click that will do that and put them into one file for you.

Within Wondershare, there is a preview option, too, so you can see what different effects will look like. If you like the sample, you can click the Convert button on the bottom right and the program will do the rest. Once the conversion is complete, you will be able to access the files in the output folder on your computer.  You can send them to your iTunes folder if you want to load them to your iPod or iPad later.

Your output options for video also include high definition options and you can make picture slideshows on video in bitmap, jpeg, .gif, and .png formats so you can create your own vacation DVDs from your pictures.

Wondershare also allows you to crop and trim your videos so you see just what you want, or it’s formatted to your portable device.  Pick the aspect ratio that suits your device best and it will format it accordingly.

5. Finalizing 


When the DVD is done ripping in DVDFab, click on Finish, and then you will put a blank DVD in your drive.  Tell it what size you want it to record in, and what write speed you want to use, then click ok.  The default settings are designed to make basic copies of your discs.  When the recording is done, it can automatically turn off your computer.


In Wondershare, you can even add your own menu to your personal videos to give it a fun flair or a professional touch.  Put in some transitions, music, or text, and you can have movies you’re proud to share.

When you’re ready to burn your disc, you can choose from three outputs and several different disc types, including DVD5 and DVD9. 


Though both programs can do a lot of fun things for you, Wondershare packs a lot more into the program and puts more at your fingertips on the main interface.  It’s easier to use, and gives you more value for your dollars.  You’ll have such fun creating your own masterpieces and sharing them with others!


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