Top 10 Zombie Video Games

With the ever increasing fantasies for the super natural creatures, the zombie games have found a perfect fit in the gaming world . With thousands of gaming lovers trying find the perfect zombie game for their appetite, here is a list of top ten games of the wild spreading genre which have stood out in the gaming world (Find more interesting things here.):

1.Resident evil series:

Taking the gaming world in its clutches after the initial release of the genre, this series infests horror yet addiction among the game lovers . The games portrays the sudden outbreak of the zombies and the undead due to the contagious T-virus and in later versions Las-Plagus .Followed by the 23 subsequent versions ,this series is a must for the zombie lovers .Being the most widespread version with tense and clever atmosphere , hardly any other zombie game can compete with Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil

2.The Dead Rising Series:

Inspired by the zombie movies of 60’s and 70’s, The Dead Rising has an intense atmosphere to combat the outbreak of the zombies. In the first version , the gamer plays as a photo journalist with various of dangerous weapons and options to finish the undead while the subsequent version brings on a tense atmosphere in which a champion is forced to find the cure for his daughter transforming into a zombie in a haunted town of undead. If what you are looking for a strategic yet fun game then definitely it is your cup of tea.

Dead Rising

3.Left 4 Dead:

Original Left 4 Dead along with its successor have both single player and multi player version have the most terrifying and reflex checking atmospheres. With new and modern weapons and exciting zombie combating options in response to which fleshed out zombies popping out of nowhere, you got to keep both your eyes and brain on the game constantly . This game will definitely give you goose bumps with its excellent graphic features. A definite scary and exciting experience for the zombie lovers.


4.The House Of The Dead-Overkill:

In spite of the poor graphics , this game has kept its reputation of one of the most played games in the zombie genre .With intense pace and hilarious b-movie jokes ,this game is pretty amusing for a player not taking the jokes personally . This game surely earned a huge response from the gaming world subsequently after its release .An intriguing multiplayer game for fun and zombie addicted gamers.

The House Of The Dead-Overkill

5. Red Dead –Redemption: Undead Nightmare:

Initially released for DLC, this game is now sold for PS3 and Xbox formats .The plot revolves around a protagonist John Marston in a western setting who is forced into a zombie apocalypse to gain a cure for his family. Although it has a multiplayer version but the single mode game actually paved way for its success due to its competitive mode. With excellent graphics, this zombie game portrays different cowboys on a quest to combat the undead. Humorous yet tense game.

Red Dead -Redemption Undead Nightmare

6. The Dead Island:

With every specification of the island filled with glitches, this zombie game has top-notch graphics declaring itself as one of the best zombie games ever created. Though the game is not error free and the plot is not that exciting and special but the intense and intriguing atmosphere has made the game stand out among others . This game is pretty addictive for the game lovers and can test your gut many a times . A must to play.

The Dead Island

7.The Walking Dead:

Suitable for PS3, Xbox360,Windows,iOS and other platforms this game was released in form of a seasonal episode. With a pretty intense and terrifying story, the game revolves around the life of a zombie survivor named Lee who makes desperate attempts to search for a little girl named Clementine in a zombie infested town. This game will definitely test your instincts and reflexes as it requires complex zombie combating decisions to take sometimes. A perfect mind blogging game for the people who have zombie and horror fantasies.


8. DeadNation:

Operating on PlayStationnetwork (PS3 and PS4) this is a fast pacing game with the story of a shooter to combat the vast outbreak of the zombies. With top shooting experience you just have to fire constantly at the vast population of the zombies advancing towards you. Although the single mode version can get tiring, lengthy and ultimately boring sometimes but the multiplayer mode lets you shoot together at thousands of zombies strategically wiping them off from the scene. Just you need is to aim at and start shooting rounds of bullets before the zombies come up and finish you.


9. Zombie ate my neighbors:

Standing out for almost 20 years till now, this game is still played by a huge crowd of gamers for its addictive style. With a challenging environment, this game is fun to play with in both single and multiplayer modes. With common life locations, strange weapons and humorous game style, this zombie game combats all types of supernatural creatures starting with zombies and continuing till werewolves,vampires,hybrids,aliens, demons and much more. You get a definitely fun filled experience when you throw weapons like explosive soda cans. There nothing like the satisfaction you get when you blow up zombies who come to attack you.

Zombie ate my neighbors

10. State of Decay:

Designed for Xbox and Windows, this game is pretty difficult one to cope up with. Although it has some technical flaws and the graphics is not that great either, you get to save people from the zombie outbreak trying to wipe off the human population. It provides you with a huge world to discover, to supply runs and to build bases for your camps. You have quite tough decisions to take like whether to save the victims or choose your life. There are numerous options to tackle the zombies before you can save the victims and the option is yours whichever you may find perfect. Definitely worth a try.

State of Decay


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